Book: The Power of Reinvention

The Power of Reinvention

Debbbie’s book:

In the book The Power of Reinvention, Debbie Arnold draws upon her wisdom, experience and success in helping people re-invent and transform their lives. She has created a deeply meaningful work in an extremely readable and digestible format. This book truly is the ‘A,B,C of Success!’

About the Author:

Debbie Arnold has enjoyed a successful career as an acclaimed actress in television, film and theatre. She has the dubious honour of being the only actress in the UK who has appeared in every major TV soap in the last 30 years as a regular character! She has worked with everyone from The Two Ronnies to Omar Sharif and has spearheaded many campaigns as a top voiceover artiste.

She is now using her creative talents, performance expertise and life experience to inspire and motivate people to be the best they can be. Debbie is an author, inspirational coach and motivational speaker. She has a deep interest in the spiritual side of life and helps people to identify and reach their goals and manifest their dreams. Debbie founded the London Inspiration and Reinvention Group and is a partner in Inspiring Enterprises.


“With a loving heart and her totally accessible wisdom, Debbie Arnold takes us through a door that leads without fail to the dazzling magic in our lives. I finished this book and felt showered in stardust, and that guided by this loving, wise woman, I truly can realise my dearest dreams.”
Pauline Collins

Award Winning Actress and Oscar Nominee

“Debbie has had a huge impact on my life – largely due to her inspirational view of how life works, her energy and generosity of spirit and her slightly spooky ability to connect people who need to meet each other – in my case my wonderful husband!!”
Lesley Nicol

Actress currently starring in Downton Abbey

“Debbie Arnold is an inspirational woman and if you are feeling down and low in confidence she is the best person to pick you up an inspire you.”
Anthony Costa, Blue

Singer / Songwriter and Actor

“Debbie Arnold has the ability to transform any situation – and to inspire others with her words and vision to do the same for themselves. She is a heat-seeking missile for success and so generous that she seeks only the best for everyone else too. I swear she has a wand somewhere… ”
Julie Peasgood

Actress, Writer, Presenter

“Debbie turns negative into positive and pessimism into realistic optimism. She’s a human talisman.”
Tony McHale

Award Winning BAFTA Producer & Writer

“Geminis make brilliant writers imaginative and eloquent and my dear friend Debbie is no exception. Take a look at her new book and you’ll see.”
Russell Grant

Astrologer and Strictly Come Dancing Star!

“Debbie is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She is loving, caring, considerate and always has the answer you are searching for. You couldn’t possibly feel down when you spend time with her, she’s a guaranteed antidote for feeling blue. There is no such thing as a problem in Debbie’s world only a challenge. A wonderful and invaluable friend.”

Jo Hallows

CEO Creative Director of YOYO media Limited and Award Winning Producer of Hollyoaks

“Debbie is a wonderful woman and her motivational attitude is infectious. In 1995 she and her husband helped me in a way I am eternally grateful for. Through their kindness and tutoring I was able to find an agent, an income and a home! I lived with them for six months when I had no money and they embraced me as part of their beautiful family. Thank you Debbie”

Lewis Macleod

Actor / Top Voice Over Artiste

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