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Debbie has appeared in every major TV soap as a cast regular

About Debbie

Debbie has enjoyed a successful career as an actress in television, film and theatre. She has the dubious honour of being the only actress in the UK who has appeared in every major TV soap in the last 30 years as a regular character! And last year returned to ‘Coronation Street’ as yet another character – Carole Evans landlady of the Weatherfield arms – so the circle could all start again!

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What People Say About Debbie

“Debbie is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She is loving, caring, considerate and always has the answer you are searching for. You couldn’t possibly feel down when you spend time with her, she’s a guaranteed antidote for feeling blue. There is no such thing as a problem in Debbie’s world only a challenge. A wonderful and invaluable friend.”

Jo Hallows

CEO Creative Director of YOYO media Limited and Award Winning Producer of Hollyoaks

“Debbie Arnold has the ability to transform any situation – and to inspire others with her words and vision to do the same for themselves. She is a heat-seeking missile for success and so generous that she seeks only the best for everyone else too. I swear she has a wand somewhere… ”

Julie Peasgood

Actress, Writer, Presenter

“Debbie turns negative into positive and pessimism into realistic optimism. She’s a human talisman.”

Tony McHale

Award Winning BAFTA Producer & Writer

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